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Kavita Alert!!

मुझे झूलने दो अब उस ही तालाब के किनारे,
जहा हमारी खिलखिलाहट की गूँज की जगह,
लहरों और हवाओं की गुफ़्तगू की धुन ने ले ली है।

कि अब इनके हर नोक-झोक भरे सुर में,
मुझे तुम्हारी पायल की झंकार वाले कदमों की धुन,
अपनी और बढ़ती सी सुनाई पड़ती है।

बस तुमसे इतनी सी गुज़ारिश है,
की जब कभी गलती से मन कर जाए आने का,
तब अपनी पायल पहन्ना मत भूलना,
उस ही की झंकार से अब तक,
अपनी तिलस्मी धुँधली यादों को साँस दे पाया हूँ।।

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Would you rather be at home or a better place?


I watch the clouds commuting to their abode each day.

Not briskly,

Just Gliding at the pace the force decided.

Hoping to be home someday.

Sometimes you reach the destination you marked upon the life map,

The other times you glide at the pace the force decided,

Maybe then you end up at a better place.

But what if the hope of being home still resides?

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The Grasshopper on my Car

Picture: ‘The Grasshopper on my Car”

Here’s the Story of the pragmatic Grasshopper on my car:

With the Lockdown 5.0 imposition we’ve all been blessed with some relieves.

We can now step out of the house to chill out at renowned public places in the city, while taking safety measures.

This little Grasshopper has been proven to be an untroubled refugee seeking shelter in our abode.

He wandered, hopped, & existed restricted inside the walls, considering the previous lockdown rules.

As we welcomed the Lockdown 5.0 wave, the unnamed Grasshopper was now unseen in the usual spot.

To exercise the exclusive rules,

I mask self up,

Strap the car seat,

To find our little friend waiting to be set free!

The Grasshopper on my car was now all set to his usual expeditions,

The Grasshopper on my car was now all set to be free!

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Trip Diaries: Gili Islands (Indonesia)

The Pictures have been taken from Gili Trawangan which holds the largest land area amongst the group of Gili Islands. 
Highlight Points about Gili Trawangan: 
•Being an environment friendly island, one has to travel via horse wagons or rented bicycles. 
Tip: Rented bicycles are much cheaper than the horse cart rides. 
•Two Major water activities that can be experienced here include Snorkelling & Scuba Diving. 
We’d like to emphasis upon trying Scuba Diving at least once in a lifetime, as the ZNMD description of the activity is apt. 
The sea makes you calm in a way you never thought you could ever be, you just have to let go off the worries & balance self from the water pressure in order to hollow that bowl of worries residing in your chest. 
•Gili Trawangan surely possesses a merry party scene, though we wouldn’t recommend Pub Crawl offered by some the local bars. If you like hopping clubs then we’d suggest you to do it on your own as all the great party places reside on the same road. 
Ones who are more into serene chill scenes can enjoy live music synced with the sea waves in several beach clubs. 
•You just can’t miss the ideal water swing shot at the sunset, you can find several swings set up by various beach resorts, we’d recommend swings by Ombak Resort & PinkCoco Resort. 
•The trip we opted was organized by Co-Travel In, the trip leader made sure the balance of adventure & leisure was maintained.
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The Buddhist Monk Ringing the Holy Gong!

The sound produced by striking the holy gong sings numerous significances:

Expressing devotion towards Lord Buddha.

Infusing peace in the atmosphere, prepping it for tranquil meditation.

Eliminating negativity to triumph it over with positivity.

I gazed the monk proceeding towards ringing the gong,

in seek of discovering the repose the activity generates.

As the sound fills the atmosphere,

I feel nothing.

Soaked in nothingness I confer the monk,

Conveying my hollow experience.

The pacific monk to which acknowledged,

“Nothingness is the Peace we Seek!”

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My Yamuna

I hear the mantra chanting syncing with the water flow of Yamuna,

The birds twittering, capering in flock, racing to accomplish a touch-down then briskly fly.

I could hear the nearby group of travellers, discussing the rituals being performed on the banks.

I patiently waited to hear:

The tinkling sound of her bangles,

Ringing metals on her ankles,

Soothing tunes of her morning prayers.

I waited for my Yamuna to rise from the ashes,

Bid me a conventional farewell unaccompanied with any clashes.

I gaze the ashes soon to be soaked in the Yamuna,

Expecting it to magically transform into my Yamuna!

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World Kebab Festival at Shouryagarh Udaipur: An unmissable experience!

This blog illustrates the Kebab Festival we attended, & prior to which, decided to declare this event as an indispensable one to attend in Udaipur.

The property built precisely as a replica of the royal palaces of Mewar couples with contemporary touch, teleports you back to the exquisite extravagant era.

Image by: Rajat Mogra (Spoon N Snap)

The resort often organizes several food festivals that are cherished by all!

This time they’ve taken up a crucial challenge of organizing a Vegetarian Kebab Festival.

Yes! You read it right: ‘A Vegetarian Kebab Festival’.

It is an absolute retreat for the Vegetarian Food Connoisseurs who miss out the melting traditional Kebab flavours!

And a big surprise for all the non-vegetarian lovers, as these Kebab can make you forget your traditional meat kebabs, especially the Kaale Chane ki Galauti.

A variety of Kebab Platters curated by their executive chef Mr. Mukesh Soni, include Kaale Chaane ki Galauti, Dahi Khubani ki Tikki, Kebab e Khash, Vegetarian Greek Gyro, Soy Chapli Kebab, Vegetarian Lebanese Kibbeh, Suran Gustaba, any many more to choose from.

These splendid Kebabs are accompanied with suitable rice or bread combos that establishes them as a wholesome meal.

The Festival goes on till 15th December 2019, we insist you to treat your tongue with this enchanting experience.

Believe us, the aura & hospitality will fulfil your royal dreams, and the flavours of these Kebabs will linger around your food craving brain zone for quite some time!

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*Conversation with a Smiling Lady on a street of Delhi!*

Strolling in the lanes of the perilous capital of the nation,

On the record: Surely apprehensive & cautious of my surroundings.

Stumbling upon a sole twinkling lady,

Dressed traditionally she intended to spread contentment in the people passing by.

Astonished by her jaunty appearance in public,

I halted, then stooped, greeted her with a smile as wide as hers.

Her voice then echoed spasming my body:



The twinkle I posses is inversely proportional to the intensity of the fear hurricanes rolling over me.


Lose that smile,

Don’t attract any attention,

Stand straight,

Walk direct to your abode,

They won’t see the glint of your eyes,

Or the integrity of that smile!”

Tongue-tied I followed all her instructions, hoping to reach home safe, like every other day!

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जब घड़ी कि सुइयों की धीमी आवाज़ सुनाई देने लगी,

मैं जान गया अब वक़्त आ गया है।

यू तो बदलते हुए उसे कई बार देखा था,

इस बार धीमे से झूलती पुरानी कुर्सी पर खिड़की से थमी दुनिया पर मुस्कुराते देखा।

मैं उसकी गोद में सर रख कर यू खोया,

उस सूनी रात में ज़िंदगी में पहली बार चैन से सोया।।

आज भी जब घड़ी की सुइयों की धीमी आवाज़ सुनाई देने लगती है,

खिड़की के पास यूहीं इस चलती दुनिया के रुकने का इंतेज़ार किया करता हूँ,

कि वक़्त थमे बहुत वक़्त हुआ है,

अब चैन से सोए बहुत वक़्त हुआ है।।

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Chatt Puja

Quintessence of the sacred Hindu ritual ‘Chatt Puja’ celebrated to extend gratitude towards the God of Sun renowned as ‘Surya Devta’, for the benevolent essentials of Earth.

It is also proved to be the most eco-friendly Hindu Festival.

The snap depicts worshiping setting sun along with the Goddess of Dawn ‘Chhathi Maiya’.

ह्रां ह्रीं ह्रौं सः सूर्याय नमः