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Bridges are meant to be crossed!

‘Because bridges are meant to be crossed’
A barrier initially, that forces you to accelerate to climb upon;
Hobbling wobbling as the foundation takes you to heights, cursing the structure as it ain’t soothing anymore!

Gradually the flattened area seems right as you enter the city light,
The dampness of muck sweat dehydrate now to welcome the astounding view somehow!
The heaviness of climbing still resides as the time for parting arise,
As the road goes down the smiles intact for here’s the time to meet the path as the chosen fact!
As we look back to the heights achieved, ‘bridges are meant to be crossed’ is believed!IMG_0337.JPG

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For they have an expiry date!


‘For they have an expiry date!’
I was assembled in a massive factory, producing babies like me;
Parted from all my siblings, some right at the time of birth, others in transit.
Heavy wind gushed my viewing angles, I resisted!
The dark nights terrified me, giggling on my helplessness as my illuminator was inefficacious without the key power.
There were days I wasn’t washed or given any rest or was expected to rush on a speed above my limits.

Days passed,
with the new generation metal bodies my charm lightened.
My master was now dim, as me.
He now washed me daily, there was no high speed expectations, he’d cover me with a rug on dark nights making me feel safe, somedays he’d treat my engine with some fresh oil as well, his trembling hands interacted with my stumbling tyres!

I now stand still in the tranquility, nobody bothered to touch me after my master’s demise. It has been years I haven’t been fed, my corpse has now turned tawny, I now envy the humans, for they have an expiry date!

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‘Shrivelled corpse muffled up for the blaze to notice’

‘Shrivelled corpse muffled up for the blaze to notice’

I’ve seen the light in one’s eyes glancing deep into me, turn into a fused emitting object.
I’ve seen the wild wind training to be disciplined as she grows but losing the conduct as before.
I’ve seen the mirror giggling synchronously with the lines increasing on my raw-boned cranium.
I’ve seen the wheels transform with the less wrinkled faces bearing various complexions.
I’ve seen life and yet death to be specific paddling with the old veins tugging my old soul.

Yet the sunshine left me unnoticed, the clingy lover wakes each day to have an encounter with his betrothed and yet left unheeded!

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Reporter: Sir, which one writing is your personal favourite?
Writer: Mam, do you’ve any kids?
Reporter: Yes, 2 girls.
Writer: Which one is your favourite?
Reporter: How can I differentiate in my kids?
Writer: Exactly!

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The crushed sheet

She tied her hair into a messy bun,
Wore casuals and stepped out in her floaters.
Walked straight to the library,
Searched for a particular book, couldn’t find.
Asked the librarian, “Can you tell me who has issued ‘The Fault in our stars’, It’s important for me to have the book now.”
The librarian pointed towards a guy walking out of the library.
She ran towards him, patted his shoulder, “Hey can you lend me that book for a minute.”
He looked confused and with a smile he said, “Why? Will you read the whole book in 1 minute.”
She joined her hands and pleaded, “It’s something important, please!”
His smile vanished as he handed her the book.
She opened the book, flipped some pages, found a piece of paper with something written on it, grabbed it, crushed it in her palm and gave the book back.
As soon as he held the book back, she ran away.
He was curious to know what made the girl plead for a piece of paper.
He followed her to a diner, where she sat in the corner, opened her palm to find a crushed sheet, flattened it on the table, took a pen out of her pocket, and started writing something on it.
Tear droplets rolled her cheeks as she wrote.
She crushed the sheet again, left it on the table and walked out of the diner.
He then entered the diner,
Took the same table in corner,
Flattened the sheet on table which read,

Ours will be a happy ending,

No, it wasn’t.

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Peace forever.

She reached home after a tiring day, removed her overcoat, made her comfortable on the couch and played the voice notes in her phone.
“As soon as you receive this message, please visit the hospital, his condition is not well and he asked me to call you to meet him for the last time.”
She grabbed her car keys and rushed towards the hospital.
It was a long way, She turned the radio on, an old song played.
She couldn’t help but smile as she remembered herself in labour pain, she was about to give up when he clutched her hand and said, “I know you can do this, remember we promised to live and die together?”
With an exhausted voice she replied, “No, I always said that it will always be me first leaving, not you, never you. For I don’t have the energy to see you lifeless.”

A loud horn of a vehicle brought her back to the road, it’s huge lights blinded her.
She knew it was the time, she pressed ‘Send’ button on her phone.
*In the hospital*
A teenage boy sitting out of the ICU recieved a message saying, “Play this infront of your dad.”
He went to his dad, patted on his shoulder to make him conscious.
“Mom sent this voice mail for you.”
He blinked his eyes as a permission to play it.
“Remember I always said I’ll be the one leaving first, not you, never you.
And yet again I was right as always.”

He smiled and closed his eyes in peace forever.

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“Give this to your brother, he’ll do the calculations”, her father ordered while handing her the papers.”
“Dad I’m good at it, can I give it a try?”, with a low agitated voice she spoke.
“Do as I said before”, he gave his dictum.

The girl afresh was underestimated, this time by her own patriarch.

She looked straight into his eyes after gaining her confidence, but this time they weren’t looking back at her AS ALWAYS.